young couple close up Dentists and endodontists are both dental professionals with extensive training and education. The biggest differences between dentists and endodontists are their scope, expertise, and common procedures. It’s important to know the difference so you can make educated decision about your oral and dental health. 


One difference between dentists and endodontists is their education. Dentists complete a four-year undergraduate degree first. Then, they attend dental school for four years in order to obtain a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDM) degree. 

Dentists focus on your overall oral health, including educating patients on how to take care of their teeth at home. They perform preventative services, diagnosis, and treatment of oral diseases. Dentists are the professionals that you visit for routine appointments for cleanings, fluoride treatments, exams, and x-rays. They also perform specialized treatments including cavity fillings, crowns, bridges, tooth extractions, teeth whitening, and dentures.


Education for endodontists differ slightly from general dentists. The first part of their education is the same as general dentists. They also get a four-year undergraduate degree and a Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. However, endodontists don’t stop there. They also take 2-3 years of additional specialized training for endodontists. This is what allows them to specialize where general dentists do not. 

Endodontists are specialists who focus on root canal therapies, dental pulp, and other tooth interior health issues. They perform root canals, including cleaning and filling the area, as well as follow up treatment if the results of the first root canal is not satisfactory. They also perform various surgeries, such as apicoectomies which remove the tip of the tooth root. Due to their extensive training, they are also able to treat traumatic dental injuries and complex cases of tooth pain and infections.

Dentists vs Endodontists

Dentists and endodontists both are important to achieving and maintaining oral health. Your specific dental needs will determine which one you should visit for treatment. For external tooth areas, it is best to see a dentist. For interior tooth problems, it is best to see an endodontist. However, some dentists are also endodontists and vice versa. Here at Choice Dental, you have access to both dentist and affordable endodontist services so you don’t have to go to multiple locations and see different professionals. If you are looking for an endodontist or dentist, contact us today!