Root Canal Treatment

Browns Plains Root Canal Services

In most cases, root canal treatment has a rate of success of over 90%. Not everyone is suitable for the procedure. Our dentists will always inform you if the risk of success is lower and compromised in any way. In most cases, it is a non-painful procedure contrary to urban myths.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy – Endodontic Treatment for Tooth Decay

The health of the inner pulp or “nerve” of your tooth can deteriorate if it is subjected to trauma or untreated decay. As a consequence, an abscess or pain may develop. At this point, your tooth may require either extraction. But you can save your tooth with root canal treatment.

Sometimes a diseased (“non-vital”) tooth doesn’t show symptoms for years. It silently leeches pus and bacteria into the surrounding bones. Its effect on general health is obvious. A digital OPG X-ray is a valuable tool that can detect this condition. Modern root canal therapy can remove diseased tissue within the root canal and halt the spread of infection.


With modern technology and equipment, root canal therapy can be completed in a single visit. However, for more difficult cases, up to three visits are required. The procedure involves drilling a small hole through the top of the tooth. This allows access to the inner chamber of the tooth. for thorough cleaning.

All diseased tissue and bacteria are removed in the cleanse. Then the chamber is measured, shaped, and disinfected. The chambers are now ready to be filled and sealed off from the external environment.
After root canal treatment, the tooth no longer has a supply of blood and minerals. This causes the tooth to become brittle. If the tooth is subjected to high forces and constant pressure, it is recommended to have the tooth crowned.

Crowning protects and strengthens the tooth. Most patients who have root canal treatment experience little to no discomfort or pain. Before long, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a restored tooth. One that can last as long as a healthy natural tooth.