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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Your four wisdom teeth (also called Third Molars) are located at both ends of your upper and lower rows of teeth. Usually, they slowly push through the gums between the late-teens to mid-twenties age groups. They are commonly the last teeth to emerge from your gums. At Choice Dental, our skilled dentists provide pain-free and efficient wisdom teeth removal services, ensuring your comfort and the preservation of your oral health.

Choice Dental - Wisdom Teeth Management and Removal

Reasons to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed

Usually there isn’t enough room in the jaw for at least one if not all your wisdom teeth to emerge completely. This can result in some complications.

The partial emergence of a wisdom tooth (impaction) can make brushing and flossing it extremely difficult. Dentists consider these teeth to be impacted. The tiny spaces between the wisdom tooth and its neighbouring molars are prone to bacteria build up because they can trap food particles. Possible long-term end results of this build up include decay and gum infection. Gum disease and cysts are other possible complications of impacted wisdom teeth.

In the upper jaw, crowded wisdom teeth (with no growth space), tends to lean sideways and rub sideways against the inner cheek. This movement can cause gum ulcerations and chewing difficulties.
A further complication of crowded wisdom teeth is when the outward pressure from an emerging wisdom tooth is forceful. It may bump nearby teeth out of their correct positions and cause toothache. The resulting misalignment may cause parts of your top row of teeth to miss the bottom row when biting and chewing. This may interfere with your ability to efficiently tear, cut, grind and masticate food for good digestion. On rare occasions, tumours may also form around wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Surgery is Best Done Early

Toothaches prompt people into action. They usually come to the dentist quickly. However, wisdom teeth can cause damage without pain. When it does cause pain then a serious condition may have developed. It is better to have wisdom teeth removed before they become a problem. And the earlier they are removed, the easier and safer it is to perform the extraction. A teenager’s wisdom teeth are still forming. Later in life, wisdom teeth roots are fully developed and more firmly embedded in the jaw.

Age factor is a determining factor in the level of risk and post-operative recovery time for a wisdom tooth removal. Early X-rays taken during adolescence can indicate if any wisdom teeth will create problems as they develop. Our dentists can perform an examination and recommend the best time to have your wisdom teeth removed.

We provide an obligation-free quote before you proceed with any dental treatment. This quote outlays the item numbers and service fees of all the dental procedures required as part of your treatment. If you have private health cover, our HICAPS terminal allows for immediate health fund claims. Be sure to let us know if you are a BUPA platinum memberNIB member, HCF member, or TUH health fund member so that we can give you an accurate quote.

Our Wisdom Teeth Removal Process

1. Comprehensive Evaluation: Our experienced dentists begin by conducting a thorough examination, often including X-rays, to assess the position and condition of your wisdom teeth.

2. Personalized Treatment Plan: We create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and concerns, ensuring the most effective and comfortable procedure.

3. Comfortable Anesthesia: Your comfort is our priority. We offer various anesthesia options to ensure a pain-free experience.

4. Precise Extraction: Our skilled dentists use advanced techniques to safely and efficiently remove your wisdom teeth, minimizing discomfort and recovery time.

5. Aftercare: We provide detailed post-operative instructions to help you recover smoothly. Our team is always available to address any questions or concerns you may have during your recovery.

If you’re experiencing pain, discomfort, or suspect issues with your wisdom teeth, don’t hesitate to reach out to Choice Dental. Our dentists are here to provide you with a pain-free and efficient wisdom teeth removal experience, ensuring the health and comfort of your smile. Schedule a consultation today and take the first step towards a brighter, pain-free future.

Meet Dr Asad Shameem, Our Dental Surgery Expert

Dr Asad has over 15 years of experience across all fields of dentistry and is exceptionally skilled in patient communication, emergency dental care, surgical wisdom teeth extractions, root canal therapy and cosmetic veneers. 

He has been practicing in Brisbane since 2015 and is accredited across multiple day hospitals for treatment of paediatric/adults/special needs/anxious  patients under general anaesthesia. 

With thousands of happy patients, Dr Asad strives for excellence in everything he does. He is one of the most compassionate and non judgemental people you will ever come across. He speaks four languages, loves motorcycles and the outback. 


Asad Shameem

Wisdom Teeth FAQ’s

What happens if you do not remove wisdom teeth?

Some people have wisdom teeth come in without any issues, but on other occasions problems can develop. A wisdom tooth that is partially covered by gum can cause gum infection and pain.  A wisdom tooth that does not come into the mouth at all can on rare occasions lead to a cyst/tumor. 

How long after having wisdom teeth removed do you have pain?

Most patients have relief of pain from the wisdom tooth removal within the first 10 days but some may take up to a month.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are really your last set of adult molars that most people usually get between the ages of 17 to 25. 

How old are you usually when you get your wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth usually come in around the age of 18 to 25 years of age in most people.

Reviews from Happy Customers

Ali T.

I highly recommend Choice Dental. All the staff there are very friendly and helpful. I had my wisdom tooth extracted by Charlie and an assistant. It was very quick, easy and pain free.

Deidre R.

From the phone call with the ladies at the front desk being super nice, helpful and informative to the actual procedure of having my wisdom tooth pulled so effortlessly by Dr Nelson Chuang (and I was very anxious), I have nothing but praise for this dental practice.

Maddy B.

We had no appointment but I had severe wisdom tooth pain – I was seen as soon as I entered the practice and later that day they extracted my tooth. The ladies at the front desk were absolutely amazing – I was very upset and in a lot of pain and they made sure to calm me and welcomed us so lovingly. The 2 different dentists I saw were both so calm and made sure I was ok throughout the whole procedure. I was very, very nervous going to the dentist but I am so glad I did and I will be seeing them very regularly now! Thanks to all the amazing staff.