Wisdom Teeth Removal and Management

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Browns Plains

Your four wisdom teeth (also called Third Molars) are located at both ends of your upper and lower rows of teeth. Usually, they slowly push through the gums between the late-teens to mid-twenties age groups. They are commonly the last teeth to emerge from your gums.

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Usually there isn’t enough room in the jaw for at least one if not all your wisdom teeth to emerge completely. This can result in some complications.

The partial emergence of a wisdom tooth (impaction) can make brushing and flossing it extremely difficult. Dentists consider these teeth to be impacted. The tiny spaces between the wisdom tooth and its neighbouring molars are prone to bacteria build up because they can trap food particles. Possible long-term end results of this build up include decay and gum infection. Gum disease and cysts are other possible complications of impacted wisdom teeth.

In the upper jaw, crowded wisdom teeth (with no growth space), tends to lean sideways and rub sideways against the inner cheek. This movement can cause gum ulcerations and chewing difficulties.
A further complication of crowded wisdom teeth is when the outward pressure from an emerging wisdom tooth is forceful. It may bump nearby teeth out of their correct positions and cause toothache. The resulting misalignment may cause parts of your top row of teeth to miss the bottom row when biting and chewing. This may interfere with your ability to efficiently tear, cut, grind and masticate food for good digestion.
On rare occasions, tumours may also form around wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery is Best Done Early

Toothaches prompt people into action. They usually come to the dentist quickly.
However, wisdom teeth can cause damage without pain. When it does cause pain then a serious condition may have developed. It is better to have wisdom teeth removed before they become a problem. And the earlier they are removed, the easier and safer it is to perform the extraction. A teenager’s wisdom teeth are still forming. Later in life, wisdom teeth roots are fully developed and more firmly embedded in the jaw.
Age factor is a determining factor in the level of risk and post-operative recovery time for a wisdom tooth removal. Early X-rays taken during adolescence can indicate if any wisdom teeth will create problems as they develop. Our dentists can perform an examination and recommend the best time to have your wisdom teeth removed.