Mouthguards and Splints


Choice Dental Mouthguard


With contact sports and activities that carry the risk of head injury, wearing a mouthguard is essential for teeth protection. They are appropriate for all age groups and reduce the risk of dental injuries.

Our custom-made dental mouthguards provide the best protection. They are shaped from mouth casts to fit precisely into your mouth over your teeth. They can also prevent or reduce the chances of: being knocked unconscious; tooth and jaw fractures; concussion; and injuries resulting from the lower jaw impacting forcefully up into the upper jaw, during a collision for example.

Mouthguards can save you the time, expense and discomfort associated with cosmetic and restorative dental treatments. If you have crowns, veneers, or other types of prosthetic dental work, a mouthguard or splint is essential to protect your valuable smile.

Splints/Night Guards

Choice Dental Dental splint to prevent bruxism Have you ever woken up with a headache, neck, shoulder or back pain? Then you may have alignment problems with your teeth and jaw.

If you subconsciously grind and clench your teeth you may have Bruxism. This condition can cause chipping and cracking of your tooth enamel – resulting in uneven wearing of your tooth surfaces. You may not even be aware of your condition since it usually occurs while you sleep. Your bite force can be far greater than when you are awake, since you are not in control of your jaw muscles.

During your regular oral examinations at Choice Dental, one of our team members will check you for excessive and uneven tooth wear. Its prescence may indicate Bruxism or tooth misalignment.

A custom-made night guard or bite splint is available from Choice Dental. It is developed from high quality acrylic. When wearing it, your bite force is absorbed by the splint, protecting your teeth from further damage. It can also relieve the soreness – in your jaw muscles and joints – associated with grinding and clenching as you sleep.