Preventative Dentistry Services in Brown Plains

Preventative Treatment by our Dentist’s at Choice Dental

At Choice Dental we help you maintain your natural teeth for life.

Choice Dental’s active maintenance program is an individually catered program. It provides our patients with the most appropriate personalised level of care for their specific condition.


What Exactly is the Active Dental Maintenance Program?

At your active maintenance appointment, our dentist will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and bite, as well as a full oral cancer check. They take the time to review your overall condition, check for any changes, and discuss their findings with you.
Our dentist or hygienist will perform a professional scale, clean and polish to remove any bacterial build up and staining. A topical fluoride application is highly recommended. It not only prevents sensitivity but also re-mineralises your teeth, providing a protective seal.

To thoroughly remove tartar (mineralised plaque) that continuously builds up over time, we recommend regular professional cleaning. Brushing and flossing alone won’t remove all of the food particles trapped in the pockets around your teeth. They can only be removed with special dental instruments.

At Choice Dental, we are extremely fortunate to have dental hygienists as part of our team. Their level of knowledge and expertise has proven to be a great asset to the practice. They have contributed greatly to the development of our active maintenance program.
Dr. Nelson Chuang encourages all his patients to benefit from the skills and knowledge of our Dental Hygienists. They provide you with only the best level of care.

Reviews from Happy Customers


I very highly recommend this dental clinic. I have very bad teeth as they are sensitive usually is why I don’t go to the dentist, but recently going to this clinic has put my fears aside as they took very good care of me and made it so my teeth didn’t feel anything while in my appointment. I cant talk highly enough about this place as the more honest I was the better my experience, especially from their hygienist Anna and the dentist Charlie Sung. Thank you for making my experience Stress and anxiety free.

Hsi Chong

I come here regularly to get my gum disease fixed by Anna and Pulum. They are very good hygienists who look after me and give me a very good experience. I highly recommend this dental clinic


I had my dental check up for the first time in a long time. The receptionist was very welcoming. Dr. Shivani was very gentle throughout the process, and thoroughly explained all the findings. She gave me several options for treatments, ensuring that I was happy with what she was going to do for me. Would hundred percent recommend this place.


I have been coming here for a number of years now and always received quality service. I have suffered considerable dental pain from accidents as a child so I used to be very anxious about visits. I don’t have any of those fears with these guys. The service is as pain free as it possibly can be. I recommend them for sure.