Share a story or tips, you told your kids that encouraged them to brush.

Just like home work, taking a bath and eating vegetables brushing teeth can often be seen as an activity they don’t want to do. In fact they resist quite enthusiastically. But a regular oral hygiene regime is very important to help children develop a lifetime of good oral hygiene and eliminate tooth decay.

Modeling good behaviour is very important. Show your children you are happy to brush your teeth that its not a chore. You could make it fun by getting them to copy you or by having the same coloured tooth brush. You could get an electric tooth brush, making it possibly more entertainment.

Encouraging your children to brush correctly is vital for good oral hygiene. At Choice Dental we would like to share a number of ways you can encourage your children to brush, and to do so effectively.

1) Tell them a story.

Sometimes a child needs a good reason or to be told a story to get them on board. Talk about why we need to brush – that if we don’t brush, the sugar bugs stay in our mouth and they can make holes in their teeth.

2) Show and tell

If they just aren’t convinced after your story. You could try disclosing tablets. They chew a tablet that stains the plaque pink, proving that brushing their teeth makes a difference.

3) Make bubbles (play games)

Who doesn’t like to make bubbles? Why not have a bubble contest, and see who can make the most bubbles while brushing.

4) All-aboard the tooth express

Why not pretend their tooth brush is like a train. With every circular movement the train wheel goes round. This will help them to remember to massage their gums in a circular motion, instead of scrubbing back and forth.

Complimenting them on such a good job, is a great way. We all like a compliment, so notice things about their routine you liked.