Who Is Three Best Rated?

With an intent to search for the greatest in quality, work ethic and customer satisfaction, Three Best Rated is an organization who finds the top 3 local businesses in key cities throughout Australia.

The businesses chosen to be represented come from many industries including restaurants, health care professionals, local retail and more. Before deciding on the best 3 businesses, Three Best Rated will check through reviews, complaints, ratings, cost, reputation and many more facets that can determine which are the premiere businesses in their area.

Dr. Charlie Sung of Choice Dental is a 2021 and 2022 Three Best Rated award-winning cosmetic dentist in Logan City, Queensland, and in this interview with the organization, he goes over the effects of missing teeth and the importance of getting a tooth replacement procedure.

Dentist Charlie Sung

Why Is It Essential to Replace a Tooth?

According to Dr. Charlie Sung, not only does a missing tooth cause issues cosmetically but teeth can shift around into a gap left behind by a tooth which has been removed. Having a missing tooth can cause more problems in your mouth than you would expect, including putting more strain on the remaining teeth which in turn creates a domino effect. “Also, a missing tooth just doesn’t feel right!” expresses Dr Sung in the article.

You can read more about Dr. Sung and his advice regarding how a missing tooth can impact your life and your best course to take action immediately by following the link below!

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