HCF Preferred Provider


Choice Dental Browns Plains is Proud to be in the HCF Preferred Provider Dentist Network

HCF Preferred PRovider

Choice Dental Brisbane is proud to be part of the HCF Preferred Provider Dental Network. What does this mean for you? It means that our HCF patients get more back for all dental treatment. Plus, on eligible HCF extras cover you can claim 100% back on a range of diagnostic and preventative dental services.

Choice dental is completely dedicated to providing high-quality dental care for all our patients. Our practice aims to provide the highest quality preventative and comprehensive treatments including Cosmetic, orthodontic, implants, restorative dentistry and more. Let us help you and your family transform the functionality of your teeth, oral health and smile while remaining affordable.

“More For Teeth Program”

We have been specifically chosen and approved by HCF as a HCF preferred provider to provide you with your special VIP dental service. HCF members receive 100% rebate on most common preventative treatments when they choose a More for Teeth Preferred Provider.

100% Coverage and NO GAP on:

· Check-up

· X-rays

· Professional Scale and Cleans

· Fluoride treatment

· Two sports mouthguards

Some conditions apply, so visit the HCF website for additional information and contact HCF to clarify the cover and eligibility of your insurance policy. Through the “More for Teeth Program, most eligible HCF members enjoy free check-up’s, professional scale & cleans, fluoride and x-rays up to twice a year in most cases.

Budgeting Made Easy

At Choice Dental, HCF Members can easily find out their out-of-pocket expenses for most dental treatments before making any decisions. This makes budgeting a lot easier and thanks to electronic submissions we can also help you make fast and efficient claims on the spot.

For your convenience, we are open 6 days a week Monday-Saturday. We offer both early and late-night appointments and deliver the same dedicated friendly professional care no matter who sees you. If you are looking for expert advice and for someone who is dedicated to patient care then look no further. Our committed team will exceed your expectations and forward to providing the best possible long-term treatment for you and your family.

Call our friendly team today on (07) 38093320 to arrange an appointment with one of our dentists or send us an online enquiry enquiries@choice-dental.com.au and we will get back to you soon.

*FREE / no-out-of-pocket check-ups, professional scale & cleans, mouthguards etc. are subject to available yearly limits, and waiting periods on eligible policies with HCF extra’s cover.