Mouthguards are now the norm for kids playing contact sports!

The typical kid or teenager in Australia goes through the most physically active period of their lives while they are at school. Those who participate in organised sport spend 7 hours a week (on average) training and playing in games.

There’s just one down-side. Spending 7 hours a week playing a contact sport, puts them at risk of experiencing a physical impact or blow to either their head or body.

choice-dental-sports-mouthguard With regard to oral injuries, a blow to the mouth or chin may knock out or fracture a tooth on the playing field – a traumatic experience for the victim. There are further complications that may follow this type of injury, such as recovering from surgery, future oral health complications, unexpected dental fees, and missing out on games until the oral injury has healed.

Fortunately, the risk of oral injury and even concussion can be reduced or prevented by wearing the right mouthguard, and being aware of any safety hazards at your sports venue. Mouthguards are essential safety gear in almost all contact sports and activities, including:

  • Contact sports with the possibility of contact and collision between players, such as rugby league/union, touch footy, soccer, hockey, polo, basketball, netball, boxing, wrestling, judo/other related martial arts, cricket, baseball and volleyball.
  • Non-contact sports involving hazardous equipment/venue and complex physical movement, such as skiing, gymnastics, acrobatics, athletics, cycling, diving and squash.
  • Complex recreational or leisure activities with a high risk of a strong blow, fall or impact, such as rock climbing, mountain bike riding, rollerblading and skateboarding.

Play it safe and make sure your kid wears a custom mouthguard. They can help prevent tooth fractures/chips/dislocations, soft tissue cuts and other types of oral injury.

As well as reducing the risk of oral injury, a proper mouthguard can also give kids and teens more confidence – and less fear – to give it all they’ve got when playing their sport! To get one for your child, visit Choice Dental to have their very own safety mouthguard custom-made at our practice – for a perfect fit and maximum protection.

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