A lot of people think oral health is about having a beautiful, bright smile. While this aspect is an important part of cosmetic dentistry, there is a bigger picture that most people are unaware of.

Recent studies show that 40 % of people with oral disease also suffered from another chronic health problem. According to the International Dental Tribune, common oral  health problems like gum disease and jaw pain has been associated with a number of serious health problems, including:

  • heart disease
  • osteoporosis
  • diabetes

Heart disease – if you have heart disease, it is more likely that you will have gum disease as well. Gum inflammation can result in clogged arteries. So, it is important to work with your dentist to treat any oral condition you have. It can help reduce the risks of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

Osteoporosis – Osteoporosis is a disease where your bone strength decreases and becomes more porous. This condition makes your bones weak, and is the main reason why the elderly experience a fractured or broken bone.

While most people identify the first symptoms of osteoporosis as aches and pains in the body, there are earlier indications. If your dentist identifies any weakening of your teeth, or if you start losing your teeth, you may be experiencing the early stages of osteoporosis.

Diabetes – If you have diabetes and gum disease, it has been proven that each health condition negatively affects the other. Gum inflammation reduces the body’s ability to utilise insulin. Recurrent gum disease may be a sign of diabetes also, because people with diabetes are more vulnerable to all kinds of infection.

If you let your oral health care lapse, then you may be also compromising your general health – and your body’s ability to fend off other serious health conditions.

Remember – Healthy mouth, healthy body.